How Pieter could fulfill his entrepreneurial ambitions at Archers

The power of a shared vision


“When I first talked to Thomas, I immediately felt that we shared the same vision and ambitions regarding integration architecture”, Pieter says, “we both longed for a tailored approach in relation to our clients, in which we pay attention to their needs and ambitions.” The fact that Archers was one of the first companies that contained a strong focus on API Management and Microservices, appeared to be another strong motivation for Pieter, as this was exactly the direction in which he wanted to develop.

Now, two years later, Pieter has become a specialist in API security. APIs establish an important channel to the organization’s systems, data and services. Therefore, online security has become more important like never before. Together with Archers, Pieter decided to evolve into this new market demand.


Entrepreneurship @Archers

His passion for entrepreneurship gave Pieter the opportunity to further develop the actual knowledge sharing process, both internally and externally. After all, sharing knowledge and learning from each other are main values within the Archers team.

At first, he intended to take the initiative in the way Archers could share its knowledge with external stakeholders. But his initiative turned out bigger than he expected. When Archers noticed the added value of his ideas, they took the initiative to a whole new level. Pieter got the chance to develop an entire knowledge sharing strategy, both internally and externally: “They reacted very enthusiastically and in a supportive way. Initially, they looked at my ambitions and how they could support them within Archers. I worked on the vision and goals of the project, but they also gave me the necessary support to make this idea work.”

Together they created a knowledge-sharing framework and defined the main goal of the strategy: creating visibility and becoming a real pioneer in the field of knowledge sharing regarding to Integration Architecture, API management and Microservices. This way, Archers will be able to show its expertise to clients, attract new people and last but not least: to grow the internal experience level to better meet the needs of the clients.

Archers loves to share their knowledge!

And it worked! Today, Archers is speaking at several big events to share their knowledge on integration architecture. But that’s not the end of the line; their ambitions continue to grow. Pieter also takes on an important role internally in gaining experience from each other and sharing knowledge with stakeholders. During the monthly Archers Knowledge Days, Pieter introduces the team about the knowledge sharing plans. He stimulates them to share their knowledge. Or when he catches some news about interesting developments regarding APIs and microservices, he communicates it towards a colleague in order to share knowledge.

He also feels the enthusiasm of the team! Right from the start, Archers was already very occupied with knowledge sharing by hosting Archers Knowledge Days. But with Pieter’s initiatives, everything was brought together by a clear strategy: “When I had to manage this all by myself it would never have worked, but they gave me the necessary framework to make it happen.”



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