Michel’s integration story

Michel is a real IT consultant guru. With more than 10 years of experience as a technology consultant, he has explored a large number of professional facets. Starting as an Application Engineer, Michel swiftly made his way up the ranks to work on high-level architectures. Unfortunately, he always felt like something was missing: a working environment where the business aspect of his job would be closely intertwined with its technical implementations. Then, he came across Archers…

I’ve always longed for a job that would link business & IT together”, Michel says. “In all my previous work experiences, the focus was always either on business or on the technical aspect. When you focus too much on the business side, you lose your touch with the more technical aspects. I wanted the best of both worlds!

And that is exactly what we have offered him! “As an enterprise architect, I must detect the essence of the problems inside a company. Then I translate this technical explanation to something understandable for businesses. They must grasp why something does (not) work. In addition, I am there to ensure the quality and efficiency of the IT systems. What functionalities could be enhanced? Which systems could be causing trouble? Furthermore, I also provide consultancy for technical and business problems when needed. To be fair, there is just so much to this job that each day is different for me.” Currently, Michel gladly offers this expertise to The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE), where his services as consultant are very much appreciated

As a proud member of the Archers team, he gets the chance to work on a wide variety of topics. Being an enterprise architect does not only revolve around integration but also around service design, technical topics, service-development and much more! “I really get the chance to work together with all the layers within the organization, and I love it. At Archers, I’m not only seen as a strategic expert, but also as an expert in Microsoft development and (service) implementation, in architecture modelling, in service design, and in pattern integration among other things.

Together with a highly communicative working environment at every client, Knowledge Sharing is also one of the core concepts of Archers itself, an advantage that quickly seduced Michel: “Whenever a team member learns or discovers something new, it is immediately shared with the internal Archers team. If a strange case surfaces at a company, it is immediately communicated to the team, which allows us to share our ideas and experiences on it. The Archers team is a real fount of knowledge, where discussion and support are central. Even the most experienced members can learn from it!



If you want to keep learning new things, share your experience with others and delve deeper into a wide range of domains and topics that interest you, then Archers is certainly the place for you. Receive the opportunity to develop yourself, to pave your own path and to further grow in the domains you are attracted to. We unlock your potential and your ambition, you secure our position.


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