Why joining Archers felt like coming home for Cindy
API Management

After starting a technical career, many people naturally grow into a management position. But, what if you’re still intrigued by technical evolutions every day and you love working technically way too much to leave all of it behind? Right, you become a true expert in your field. And that is exactly the reason why Cindy – an experienced integration architect – joined Archers last year!

A close-knit community of integration experts


When I started my career as a developer, it didn’t take long until I felt a growing passion for functional analysis. Which I was eager to explore beside the technical aspects of my role as a developer. After taking on roles as a technical designer and solution analyst, I became fascinated by complex integration challenges “, Cindy starts. “As Archers is known for its community of true integration experts, it felt like a logical next step to join them.

Getting to know Archers was a true eye opener for me. I immediately felt included in a very close-knit community. It felt like becoming part of a family where everybody is keen to get the best out of each other. What surprised me even more, was the opportunity to expand my knowledge and grow my skills during working hours. Something that was totally new to me in consultancy! That immediately resulted in a better and optimal work life balance.

And that’s exactly what our community stands for. Giving our people the time to grow within their field of interest along with fellow experts, without having to compromise on private quality time. Sharing knowledge in a community where everybody’s opinion is valued, no matter whether you have just graduated from high school or have many years of experience under your belt.

This way, we also aim to strengthen the bond among colleagues. We all know a huge pitfall in consultancy is that often consultants don’t have a clue as to what their colleagues are up to. While learning from each other is actually a massive added value, given the fact that everyone faces similar challenges during a project.” Wim – managing partner at Archers – adds “The community automatically gets you involved”, Cindy concludes.

Part of the API Management Track



As the The Global API Management Market is on a steep rise, I was triggered to know more about API Management in general. I had already worked with APIs in the past, but by participating in the API Management track within the community, I got introduced to many other important aspects like governance, API security… As a lot of material was already available, I immediately started to grow and expand my knowledge.”

During my project, I noticed that knowledge about API testing was lacking in the available documentation. So I decided to explore and started a research project. Meanwhile, I started to document everything for my colleagues. Soon, I was triggered by the endless possibilities of automated API testing. I was able to gain practical knowledge from my client, which was in turn very valuable input for our API Management knowledge track.


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At Archers we all work toward a common goal”, Cindy concludes, “there is no competitiveness and a very optimal work life balance. You get all the time you need to accomplish this common goal together, as one team.

Do you also feel like a lone wolf without any connection with your employer – longing to bepart of a close community? Great, we are HIRING!


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