API Community Belgium – API Management
FedNot’s API management strategy has been in place for several years now, and has been evolving from the offset. In this presentation FedNot will share the progress it has made during this period.



Start My Business” is a recent project that highlights the effects of decisions taken during the earlier stages of FedNot’s API strategy, and demonstrates how continuous improvement is an integral aspect of API management.

As the scale of API management expanded at FedNot, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the existing approach to managing integration projects. As a result FedNot is adopting a new approach that aims to facilitate development teams whilst decreasing the burden on the integration team.

This presentation will explain the reasoning behind FedNot’s decision to adopt the “Centre of Excellence” approach, as well as detailing the repercussions of such an approach.


  • Jolien Jans – Team Lead/Product Manager Integration at Fednot
  • Edwin Hurst – Integration Architect at Archers


Thursday, June 15 
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Free entrance



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