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Connectivity is key in today’s digital landscape. By combining forces with our clients, we meet today’s challenges of the ‘Connected Company’. Ready to find out how integration impacts our life on a daily basis?

It would
be a challenge, 

Let’s go back in time. ⏱️

Remember the digital card reader, or a world without Netflix or online shopping? You may not realize this, but amazing integration architectures have made the digital identity and all of the above possible. Integration makes our lives easier. It connects us.

Online streaming media
Netflix has been among the best online subscription-based video streaming services in the world for years. Their architectural style is built on a microservices architecture, powered by APIs for applications and Web apps. No APIs, no Netflix!
Digital identity

A Digital identification, or “digital ID,” are digital identities who prove that the person or device who’s trying to access a service is the one for whom the service is. To make this possible, everything must be integrated with each other to provide overarching digital identity systems.

Online shopping

API integration does not only allow online shops to expand their business and sell products on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, and eBay, it also enables an overarching digital customer driven shopping experience – from order to delivery.


08 MAR
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Business & IT Fair

Come and meet us at the Business & IT Fair, hosted by Ekonomika. As a part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the KU Leuven, Ekonomika is the official student association .

The integration market is growing at a fast rate in 2023!

65% of large organisations will implement a Hybrid Integration Platform.

80% of organisations will include security in their API Strategy.

80% faster feature implementation with an appropriate Integration Strategy.

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Integration is the golden key to business success, the engine of sustainable digital transformation. A career in integration, means working at the heart where business & IT meet. You’ll get the chance to dive into brain wrecking challenges and learn multiple skills in various challenging projects, focusing on functional analysis and/ or technologies surrounded by a community of experts who will always be there to cheer, support and assist you.

“For years, I had been looking for an environment where I could really feel at home, get the best out of myself everyday and further grow my analytical skills. Through the amazing support of the community, I discovered skills in myself that I was not even aware of before. And I keep growing as an integration analyst everyday!

“What surprised me most when I started at Archers, is the immense knowledge base that you can always rely on. I like to explore new ideas, technologies and initiatives so it’s amazing to rely on such a strong backbone. I’m developing skills everyday that match perfectly with my (entrepreneurial) ambitions!


“Thanks to the support of the community, I have made the transition to integration architect really fast. I get the chance to taste lots of aspects that come with a future proof integration architecture – development, analysis… I would not be the architect I am today without the endless support and immense drive of this community!”

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Junior API/Integration Analyst
You love strategical innovation and digital transformation, but have you ever thought about how different our world would look without integration? As an API Analyst at Archers, you translate business requirements into APIs and other integrations together with the application and integration architects.
Junior API/Designer/Technical Analyst

As a true technology enthusiast, have you ever thought about how much impact integration has on our daily lives? As a API Designer/Technical Analyst, you transform business requirements into technical specifications for integration solutions.