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Colruyt Group profiles itself as a retail group, but with lots of its own support activities. They have their own finance office for example, and also their own IT organization. But they have various other specific companies to support their retail activities, such as their own energy producer, a company that focuses solely on fuel (DATS24).



Colruyt has started a SOA and API management program to improve their agility capabilities. SOA improves the business agility between the different capabilities and closes the gap between business and IT. API management improves the agility of composing applications in a mobile world and facilitates the outside-in thinking by focusing on partner and customer experience.



Archers supports Colruyt with the definition and implementation of their SOA and API management program on the level of program management, architecture and technology platforms.

Pieter Van De Broeck
Integration architect

“Applying the SOA-principles helped me in my role as a Solution IT Architect. SOA enabled us to deliver and govern a qualitative sustainable IT Service-layer, which exposes Finance-capabilities to other domains in the organisation. We were able to realise business-aligned services, which made re-using them for all (+/- 50) domains within Colruyt possible.”

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First steps:
Connectivity architecture
& roadmap

API’s provide the entrance gate to your IT application landscape. API Management defines the processes and platform to govern, secure and monitor those API’s. Archers has a proven approach to introduce API Management within your organization. We setup and execute an API program that comprises all activities to make the necessary changes in your enterprise on the level of strategy, governance, platform, organization, design & realization and marketing & evangelization.

API Management

Through the Archers Connectivity and API Program, we tailor an approach based on a client’s business drivers and goals, define roles and responsibilities.

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Event driven architecture (EDA)

We assist clients in establishing a reference architecture and best practices to ensure quality service delivery, all structured within the Archers Connectivity Program.

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Applied observability

Our Applied Observability approach, guided by the Archers Connectivity Program, helps organizations preemptively tackle issues before they impact stakeholders.

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