Microservices Integration Architect
As a Microservices Integration Architect, you'll delve into the creation of a microservices reference architecture and architect specific microservices designed to automate a range of business processes and applications.

Feeling more than ready to continue revolutionizing the fascinating world of software with trends in microservices, such as containerization, serverless architecture, and API gateways? So are we. Once we get started discussing the power of microservices and how they enable us to drive scalable, robust, and versatile integrations, we’re unstoppable!


We are Archers, a tight-knit community of +25 integration architects that belong to the CornerBriX-cluster – the biggest integration community in Belgium. As true integration experts, there’s nothing we love more than solving complex integration challenges with innovative technologies in the field of systems, data, applications and process integration related to EDA, APIs, Cloud, Mobile, Microservices and so much more!

Sharing knowledge and supporting each other in our professional and personal growth lies at the heart of our community. This is why we organize AKDs – Archers Knowledge Days – on a monthly basis. A whole day designed to share insights gained from conferences, projects, literature, and market trends. Afterwards, you’ll often find us enjoying some good food and drinks together!


  • As a Microservices Architect, you collaborate closely with our community of integration experts to implement the Archers Connectivity Program for our industry-leading customers, while deep-diving into their unique requirements and objectives.
  • You’ll delve into the creation of a microservices reference architecture and architect specific microservices designed to automate a range of business processes and applications.
  • In doing so, you create the suitable integration and service architectures for business projects.
  • You’ll design and develop microservices architectures that promote modularity, scalability, and maintainability.
  • You’ll manage the client’s project teams to realize sustainable integration solutions.
  • After the implementation phase, you’ll mentor and coach (potential) customers in the Archers methodology and frameworks (e.g. seminars, training, …).


  • A community of integration experts: at Archers, you’ll find a group of like-minded integration experts, each with their own areas of interest and expertise. From microservices and API management to security and integration analysis, we all share a passion for knowledge sharing and technical discussions.
  • Become part of the biggest integration community in Belgium – CornerBriX: beyond your Archers colleagues, you’ll be part of a talented group of +150 integration experts with a strong backbone of expertise in Hybrid Integration Platforms, Azure Cloud Integration, the IBM Integration portfolio and many more.
  • You’re in the driver seat of your career path: your career is in your hands: Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur or a specialist, we are here to support your ambitions.
  • Continuous learning opportunities: you get the opportunity to collaborate on innovative initiatives and expand your knowledge through our AKDs, and we provide access to trainings to guide you on your path.
  • Enjoy the freedom to work where you’re most productive: our team operates in a hybrid mode, splitting time between the customer’s sites, our offices in Kontich and Gent, at home, and other remote locations.
  • A great remuneration package: at Archers you can count on a competitive salary along with numerous extralegal benefits (company car, fuel card, laptop, phone, mobile subscription, insurance, …). As a freelancer, we offer you a secure income regardless of whether you work on external projects or contribute to internal knowledge gathering.


  • You have experience with message brokers, event streaming platforms, event brokers, ESB, IoT, and similar technologies.
  • You have experience with architecture/design modeling languages (such as Archimate and UML) and tools such as Sparx Enterprise Architect or Archi.
  • You have hands-on experience with the design and architecture of integrations, services, APIs, and similar elements.
  • You are familiar with one or more interface technologies and concepts, such as AsyncAPI, XSD/WSDL, SOAP, REST, Swagger, OpenAPI, JSON, and others.
  • You have experience with asynchronous integrations, and understand how orchestration and choreography realize business processes.

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